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Commodity Growth: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Zinc, Copper, and Many Others

“The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulates commodities. In 1976, the entire futures market for oil and other commodities was approximately $4 billion. As of 2007, the market reached $4.78 trillion. Yet the total market (including the value of commodity … Continue reading

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Silver: A Close Relative of Gold and Part of the Precious Metals Family

“As the price of a commodity escalates, buyers may favor other commodities. For instance, if gold becomes too high priced, buyers might turn to another commodity like silver.” -Page 325, Wave Theory for Alternative Investments Please see Figure 13.9 for the … Continue reading

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Gold as a Hedge Against Inflation

“Gold has also proved itself to be an effective hedge against inflation over the long run. Roy Jastram looked at more than 400 years of data in his book The Golden Constant, comparing the price of gold with that of … Continue reading

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Gold as a Safety Blanket: Egypt, Iran, and Iraq

“Gold also has a history as a safe haven in times of geopolitical or economic dilemmas; it generates positive returns in periods of economic stress and political upheaval. In the summer of 2006, amid concerns over inflation and with Iran’s … Continue reading

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